GHS4 Printer


GHS4 Printer

GHS Printer Solutions is proud to announce the GHS4 Printer solution, ideal for creating GHS secondary and pictogram labels. GHS Printer Solutions offers custom label printing services but many customers want the ability to create on-demand GHS labels. The GHS4 Printer is the answer, now you can create any custom GHS secondary labels, pictogram labels, and many more facility labels at your facility. Best of all, the cost savings and ability to create on-demand compliant labels is a huge plus!


Chemical Database

The GHS4 Printer comes with a proprietary chemical database of the most commonly used chemicals which is updated regularly. To create a GHS secondary label is simple, select your GHS secondary label size template, input the proprietary chemical ID, select the quantity, and out comes your label(s). GHS pictograms is just as easy, simply select your GHS diamond size, select your pictogram, enter the quantity and out prints your GHS pictogram label(s). For all new GHS4 Printer purchases, GHS Printer Solutions is offering the 25 chemicals (not found in the proprietary chemical database) to be added at no charge as long as the proper SDS sheets are provided.


Bring Label Printing In-house

GHS4 Printer is simple to operate and comes with enough templates to make 1,000's of different labels for compliancy, branding and compliancy all without a computer. Although the GHS4 Printer has many standalone templates, the system includes a free label software which allows you to connect to GHS4 to a PC or laptop for even more label creation. This allows you to create, print and save your label templates and gives you full control of the label design layout. This is what makes the GHS4 Printer the most versatile standalone label solution in the industry.


Label Supply

GHS4 offers a wide selection of label materials include: GHS Secondary Labels, GHS Diamond Labels, OSHA Labels, Vinyl Tape, Engineer Grade Reflective Vinyl Tape, Magnet, Shrink Tube, Direct Thermal Labels, Removable Labels, Cold Storage Labels, UL Approved Labels, Tag Stock Labels, Iron-On Labels, and more. Have an application that involves a special label material (example: high heat resistance, UV resistance, 5+ years life)? Contact us today for more to find a solution for your application.


Custom Programmed Templates for Custom Designed Labels

Custom programming for the GHS4 Printer is available for customers who want to utilize our custom label printing services. You send us your preprinted label artwork and we create a custom template so you can print on your custom label(s) standalone, without a PC or laptop. Contact a GHS Printer Solutions representative for more information.


Limited Time Offer!

GHS Printer Solutions has a special offer of 30% off the web price of the GHS4 Printer. Offer valid while supplies last so take advantage of the special rate. Must use sign up and register on and use promo code GHS4PRINT at checkout. Promotion is good for online orders only.